Systems-Storage2A well-planned and proactively managed storage environment is vital in providing robust IT infrastructure for the applications and services your business organizations rely on. When planning for a Storage refresh initiative intended to switch technology platforms or simply an introduction of an alternative emerging Technology, a non-disruptive data-migration is essential in maintaining Application uptime & resiliency.

Very often organizations are challenged with switching underlying Storage Technology Platforms from say EMC to NetApp to Hitachi to PureStorage or vice-a-versa – Their goal is to find a consulting partner who understands all current technology offerings, organization’s application architecture, and has the ability to translate all migration requirements into a minimally disruptive data-migration solution


ServerStorageIn order to provide a resilient, standardized architecture that facilitates management and scale-out, Business Links architects and engineers gather information not only about the technical systems environment, but also about the end use of the data, the performance and other usage characteristics of the data and any other organization-specific requirements that will help to guide configuration decisions.In this manner, the Business Links team collaboratively establishes the configuration standards that are best for the applications and services that are being supported. The resulting infrastructure will not only be easier to manage, but will also more easily evolve to support new IT initiatives.

Business Links is especially proud of the architects and engineers who perform this work. Each of them has cross-vendor training and experience so that they not only know the details of a given technology, they know how these technologies work best together. We keep our skills up-to-date through formal training, regular information-sharing activities, a formal mentorship program and proof-of-concept activities in our labs. In addition to our knowledge and industry experience is our commitment to delivering services which exceed your expectations and which support the mission-critical work you do for your organizations.