data-mig3Whether your data migration project is in support of a storage platform migration, a data center relocation, a storage platform upgrade or an expansion within an existing data center, your goals remain the same: all of the data from the source must reach the target uncorrupted and without perceptible performance impact to users or IT operations.When seeking outside specialists to deliver such live migrations, it is important that the consulting partner understands aspects of Oracle Databases, underlying Filesystem structure, and overall validation requirements to ensure minimal impact to revenue generating Production environments


data-mig2The Business Links solution will provide you with a smooth transition to your new systems in single vendor or multi-vendor migrations and using either host-centric or storage-centric migration software.

Business Links’ experience includes vendors such as NetApp, EMC and Hitachi and migration software tools and techniques such as Oracle ASM, Oracle Data Guard, Veritas Mirroring or VMware VMotion, EMC SRDF, Hitachi True Copy, NetApp Snapmirror or NetApp’s tools for migrating from 7-Mode to C-Mode platforms.

We have performed local migrations (primary or remote sites) and migrations to remote sites to establish a new data center or disaster recovery location.

Each project is conducted in 3 stages: Planning, Migration and Validation

We begin with Planning and conduct discovery activities to ensure that we understand your source and target technical environments as well as business requirements. If requested, we can then help with recommendations for the optimal and least intrusive data migration techniques. We draft a migration approach and conduct a dry run to determine timelines and resource requirements as well as to validate the approach. We work with you to create monitoring, validation and communication plans and schedule data transfer.

In the Migration stage, the migration plan is executed while monitoring for data integrity and performance impact.

Finally, in the Validate stage, both technical and functional tests are conducted to ensure that the data is complete, accurate and accessible to the applications that need it. Finally, I/O is redirected to the new storage.