Companies increasingly rely on complex analytical processing of large amounts of content and data from multiple sources to make informed decisions to improve their customer’s experience, to accelerate successful new product launches and to provide more robust decision support to their business leaders. To support these requirements, Big Data initiatives, using Apache Hadoop platforms and low-cost HDFS storage, are undertaken to identify and efficiently ingest, store and process large amounts of structured and unstructured information for reporting, data modeling and data visualization. Along with these initiatives come the business and technical challenges of implementing a new technology solution and integrating that solution with existing technology investments.



Business Links offers the following services for your Big Data initiative:

  • We install and configure scalable, efficient hardware and network components to collect, store, process and provide access to data from multiple sources;
  • We help you identify and harmonize content and data from both inside and outside the firewall;
  • We use software components such as Apache Hive and Apache Pig to query the content repositories and generate necessary MapReduce jobs to generate the analytics and reporting required by your business users;
  • We help you establish security and governance policies and create a cohesive architecture for your organization.
  • We help you identify and test business and technical use cases to assure that your infrastructure will deliver the results required for your project.